IBM S/360 Selector Channel

IBM S/360 Selector Channel

Standard I/O architecture for a wide range of peripherals allowed wide range of system performances.
Created worldwide plug compatible storage subsystem standard.

Why it's important
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Disk subsystems included the 2841 Disk Control Unit and associated disk drives
Tape subsystems included the 2803 Tape Control Unit and associated tape drives.

Outboard IO processing
Contemporaneous with CDC 6600 peripheral processors

Derived from 7030. US Patent 3,812,475 to IBMs Christiansen et. al. "DATA SYNCHRONIZER," filed Dec. 26, 1957 may mark the original invention of a channel. It is believed the three inventors received at its time one of the IBM Outstanding Invention Awards for this patent.

Is 2841 first microprogammed control unit? If so, is this a separate event?

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